Improve Your Posture With “PARCS”

We are committed to safe fitness programming at Sunwave Fitness so we have created an easy to remember acronym to encourage and remind our clients to use proper posture during exercise as well as their daily activities.
PARCS is an acronym for engaging several importune large muscle groups so they can work together to support each exercise. Think of engaging or contracting these muscles like a wave from the bottom of your pelvis up to your shoulders and neck. This helps to safely target muscles you want to work and protect other joints, especially your spine.
  • Pelvic Floor contraction or pulling up on the pelvic floor muscles. This is sometimes called kegelling.
  • Abdominal contraction or pulling in your belly like you would if you wanted to do up the button on a tight waistband.
  • Rib elevation or lifting your rib cage. This helps to straighten the middle of your back since those back muscles must work to lift your ribs.
  • Chest opening or stretching by gently retracting or squeezing your shoulder blades together.
  • Shoulders pressing downwards and lengthening your neck.
By maintaining PARCS you will get much more out of your workouts and improve your overall posture!
So remember….PARCS

The Magic Pill

We all have those times in the day when we feel lacklustre, no energy, just want to sit down and not get up right?  This often happens at the end of a work day when you would like to spend some quality time with your family or friends or just enjoy some leisure activity.  You may think to yourself that you should be taking more vitamins, or try a special diet, or some food that could give you some extra energy.  There’s a magic pill somewhere for this isn’t there?  Yes there is …….MOVING!

That’s your magic pill. It’s kind of weird but to get energized, you have to do exactly what you don’t feel like doing.  Just do what you enjoy such as walking, jogging, home exercise videos, get to exercise class, dance…. but move.  Our bodies were made to move and when we treat them right and actually do some type of physical exercise, you will be amazed at how energized you will feel.  You’ll stop searching for the magic pill because you found it!