Our Founder

Natasha Leeson-Cooke, founder of Sunwave Fitness By Natasha, was a competitive athlete from an early age, having competed at the national level as an equestrian and ultimately reached the long list for the Olympic Games. From her competitive sport upbringing, she learned the importance of maintaining a regimented fitness and nutrition schedule to achieve her athletic goals and eventually decided to pursue further education, earning a bachelors of science from the University of Toronto and a diploma in fitness and lifestyle management from George Brown College.

After working in the field as a group exercise director and manager at private clubs in Toronto, she joined the faculty at George Brown College where she taught in health sciences and the fitness and lifestyle management program for nearly two decades. During that time, it also became apparent that there was a need for in-home well qualified, skilled personal trainers and group fitness instructors for those clients who found it difficult to get to the ‘gym’. After careful consideration, Natasha decided to leave her academic position and teach her clients one-on-one as well as at her local community centre, to address this increased demand.

Outside of fitness, Natasha and her family love to travel throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. While travelling in Panama, Natasha was asked to stay and setup a fitness program at a recently constructed resort. So in 2010, she and her son decided to move to Panama full time to do fitness consulting for hotels and developments along the Pacific Coast in the Coclé province. This ultimately led to the establishment of Sunwave Fitness, which was inspired by Panama’s warm climate and beautiful beaches.

After four years of fitness consulting in Panama, Natasha returned to Toronto where she continues to run her robust business working with hundreds of in-home clients based in Toronto and frequently visits Panama to train and teach there when she can find the time.


Our mission is to educate and inform clients about proper technique and posture to achieve a safer and more successful workout.


Our vision is to make sure our clients reach their fitness goals and maintain  youthful  energy, joie de vivre, great posture, overall strength and endurance; all in support of a healthy and very high quality of life.


Safety – Our number one priority for every class is your safety. To ensure safety, we educate our clients about the purpose of each exercise while maintaining proper technique for maximum results.

Fun – We offer consistent variation to the exercises, music and choreography to keep the sessions/classes fun!  Keeping classes interesting and fun helps everyone stay motivated and committed to working out!

Communication – Ongoing feedback between and among participants and instructor is essential in ensuring there is continued success in reaching all fitness and health goals.

Trust – Clients must always believe that information and directions given during sessions/classes is accurate, authentic and know that their well-being is paramount.

Respect – Each person has different abilities, goals, wants and needs in their fitness pursuits and is valued for all of their uniqueness.